pet retreat

The Foyer

I like to greet all my guests and their owners personally. On arrival at Margaret River Pet Retreat I will meet you at The Foyer. The Foyer is spacious; allowing room for several guests, there is also access to a patio area, which is a lovely place to sit in summer. In winter, you and your dog can sit by the fireplace while we go through the check-in process.

Check in

I like to be thorough, so please allow some time for your first check-in. Over a cup of tea or coffee we can discuss your dog's likes and dislikes, allowing me to create a profile of your pet. I will also weigh your dog at this time to ensure he maintains his condition during his stay, and check his Vet certificates are up-to-date.
After check-in we will take your dog to his luxury suite so he can get settled-in.

Check out

During check-out you can relax with a tea or coffee or browse in the Boutique while I collect your dog from his suite and bring him to meet you at The Foyer. We also offer a complimentary glass of wine during evening check-out.
Your account will be finalized during the check-out period.
Check-in and check-out takes place between 8:30 am - 10:00 am or 3:30pm - 5:00pm.
Other times may be arranged with prior notice.