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The menu at Margaret River Pet Retreat has been developed for the health and well-being of your dog.

We serve high-quality, nutritious meals prepared in consultation with you, and taking into consideration your dog's size and prior diet. For example, dogs that have been dining on dry food only may find wet or raw foods upsetting to their stomachs. If you wish, we can add a small amount of fresh meat and vegetables to Holistic Select, our highly nutritious biscuits to make their dining experience enjoyable, but without causing any upset.

If your dog is on a prescription diet, or you just prefer something other than our menu, we will be happy to accommodate you if you choose to bring other food in.

Giving treats during play time is part of our service. These treats and Holistic Select dog biscuits can also be found in the gift shop if you wish to purchase them after your dog's stay.

Dining Menu
You can choose from a generous portion of chicken, beef or roo meat prepared cooked or natural and served with a medley of lightly blanched seasonal vegetables, all delicately mixed through the Holistic Select, our high-quality biscuit.

Our shopping list:
• Fresh chicken mince
• Fresh beef mince
• Fresh roo mince
• Seasonal vegetables
• A variety of herbs
• Treats from our boutique